Paola Stroppiana Interior’s offers a full spectrum of services that result in elegant, comfortable residences, reflective of her clientele’s modern lifestyles.
Influenced by her European background and international experience, she creates timeless and sophisticated interiors.
Every project is evaluated to achieve the best potential for space enhancement and responding to client’s needs and desires.
The approach to each project is unique, as unique as each client request.
While Paola’s style is modern and contemporary, she swings easily from purism and minimalist to the re-creation of other styles, including classic, traditional and by creatively blending modern and antique, she obtains unique eclectic results.
With modern consciousness, the use of Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra and a green approach harmony is invited while enhancing style and elegance.
Paola has the Italian creative capability to merge different aspects of the design, to produce a sophisticated and harmonious result.
She blends client’s needs with style and elegance to result in highly personalized spaces Paola Stroppiana Interiors bring a full spectrum of design awareness and style consciousness to residential, commercial and design. She imports a cultured confidence of her design perspective, and is a natural preference for international clientele. Services are multilingual: English, Italian, French, and Spanish.


Born in Torino, Italy, Paola studied in France and Switzerland to earn her Baccalaureate from the Academy of Grenoble before earning her advanced degree in Interior Architecture and Design at ISAD in Milano.
Shortly thereafter, the Studio of Mendini Architects selected Paola for a prestigious opportunity to research the impact materials used in Architecture & Design have on people and the environment.
The research results were published in an exclusive book for specialized Architects.
At the start of her career, she collaborated as an interior designer with selected Architectural studios before she undertook refurbishment and interior design projects on her own.
She moved to London as director of an international firm and drawn to the image and communication world soon began to work in projects for the fashion industry for Hermes, Cartier, Chanel, Lacroix, Cholé Asprey, Givenchy and others.
Her style has a global approach, as a natural consequence of her traveling throughout the world.
She imports a cultured confidence to her design perspective and work and is a natural choice for international clientele as she speaks: Italian, French, English and Spanish. When she moved to California, Paola opened an interior design studio in Malibu.
With unique sensibility for blending client needs and style, she teams with specialized partners to bring the best results.